Monday, March 11, 2013

Orange Julius with a twist of pineapple

This my friends is a delicious little treat! Mr. Chef concocted this the other night to go with popcorn and a movie. It was yummy and summery and made me want to lay on a beach and let all my worries go. Alright, that might be a little dramatic but it's definitely a drink that you would enjoy while doing that :)

So, it was movie night and I wasn't thinking "BLOG" when this drink happened so I will update with my own pictures soon. How terrible, i HAVE to make this again, probably tonight! Ha ha, until then this picture is beautiful and is linked to another recipe that is yummy and similar if you want variety. 

Here it is...
1 cup of frozen pineapple chunks
1 cup of ice cubes
milk -- It will be approximately 1 cup of milk , but read below for the exact measurements.
One cup of orange juice

Place frozen pineapple chunks and ice cubes in a blender.  Then add enough milk that the milk comes up to the two cup line.  (It will be about 1 cup of milk because there's a lot of empty space in a cup of pineapple chunks/ice cubes).  Then, add a cup of orange juice and blend it until it's smooth and frothy.
Stick your little umbrella in and enjoy! 

Serves 4 unless you drink it in huge mugs like me, then it serves two. ha ha  

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