Why is it that my ears perk up a little and the hair on the back of my neck starts to dance every time i see or hear about a new craft?

I am completely addicted and think it is so much fun! My girlfriends and I have been getting together on a monthly basis and each month we do a different craft. It always takes WAY WAY WAY longer than it ever should because we always get lost chatting and don't even get started on our craft at hand until about 1 1/2 hrs into the day. But we have so much fun together and our girls (we all have little girls except Heather who just had a little boy, born about a monthish ago) all play so well together. They are great little friends usually.

I am so lucky to have such talented and creative friends! Thanks for letting me tag along and claim some of your wonderful ideas as my own (when they are hanging in my house etc).
I love you all!

Here are some of the things that we have come up with...

Satin Flowers for hair, sweaters, bags etc.
Sorry Lauren, I stole this picture right off of your blog, i don't have any pictures and "i'll do it later" is code for "i'll never do it." :)

The tissue paper balls to the right of the picture and blocks. (Thanks to my cute mom for the blocks!)

cork board/magnetic calendars. I love this, it's still unfinished but also still hanging, unfinished, in my kitchen.

Here is a more recent picture, taken with my phone, don't mind the pixels. Also, there is still a little work to do but you get the idea. Check out the cute heart magnet Ten and the kids gave us for Valentines! I love it and it's just what my calendar needed!

And our wreaths.
Umm, well i haven't really done this yet, but look how cute it is when I finish :) We talked instead of crafting this day. I think everyone who wanted one has finished theirs but mine is still in a bag about 1/2 way done. oops, that's actually the plan tonight while Jay works late. It was going to be hung festively for valentines Day, however, mine is going to go in Madi's room - when she has one - so since we don't even have the lot yet my motivation is lacking enthusiasm. However, My wreath is a heart shape and I can't wait to finish it. I'll post it later.

And here is my latest one that I have had so much fun with. I found this on one of my favorite websites, Our Best Bites, and whipped these up one day. (actually 2 days, I made them twice.)
I did this one alone, sorry ladies. But these babies look super impressive and really aren't.
I think that look without the work is fabulous! :)

I stole a flower from my unfinished wreath and look how cute it turned out!
Here are the details and the how-to.

I have so much fun finding something I love and recreating it. Ah, the feeling of success.