Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Love board

My cousin is marrying the cutest girl in a few weeks and the theme of their shower was "To fill their home". NATURALLY i assumed that meant decor. Apparently I was wrong in that thought :) But, that was included so i didn't totally miss the mark. Anyway, I made their gifts and was so excited by how they turned out! I have a pile of palletts sitting on the side of my house begging to be turned into a picnic table for our back yard. So, I broke of a slat of one of those and got started.

First I cut my pallet into 2 pieces, the size I wanted the sign to be. I don't have a big table saw or anything so i just used a regular hand saw. It went really fast with minimal effort.  I didn't have any nails that fit this project so I grabbed the sturdy wood glue and glued my boards together.

Next I chalked out where I wanted to write. Chalk is nice because it washes off really easily and will always come off. 
I found extra white paint and a foam brush and painted the word LOVE onto my boards. Finally I brushed one layer of stain onto the final dried project, just to add some character. It totally finished the project and i was stoked!

I painted the O in Love a heart and later covered it with fabric rosettes.

 DONE! Easy peasy! :)

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